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NOCHES NORTE 8oz | Musk, Ozone - Sea Salt - Eucalyptus - Patchouli

NOCHES NORTE 8oz | Musk, Ozone - Sea Salt - Eucalyptus - Patchouli

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you've left your warm Caribbean life to travel north towards the winter cold and have encountered the beauty right before the Northern Lights - a coastal drive by the salty deep sea, a dark sky full of stars and the clean crisp air. This scent will transport you to northern nights.

Notes - musk, ozone, sea salt, eucalyptus and patchouli

Size - 8oz

Burn Time - 45hrs


Coconut Apricot Wax | Phthalates & Paraffin Free | Hand-Poured | Small Batch | Vegan Cruelty-Free | Toxin Free | Lead Free Wicks | Eco-friendly | Fragrance & Essential Oil Blend


Materials & Dimensions


8oz - 2inch x 2.875inch x 7.625inch

Alloy Steel/Tin coated steel with a double-seam construction.

Candle Care

    • TRIM - prior to each lighting, trim the wick to 1/4” for a clean and smoke free burn.
    • BURN - on your first burn, allow the entire surface of wax to melt and burn a minimum of 3/4 hrs to prevent tunneling.
    • TIME - do not burn candle for more than 4 hrs at a time. 
    • SURFACE - always burn candle on a flat fire resistant surface.
    • WICK - always make sure wick is nice and centered after every burn. put out flame with a snuffer. 
    • LID - when not in use please cover with lid in order to avoid dirt or dust from collecting on wax.
    • Caution - keep candle out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from flammable materials.
    • Upcycle - feel free to reuse the tins after your candle is done. your candle should stop burning at 1/4 to the bottom. If not please stop using it at that point. You can freeze remaining wax and pop out of tin.


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